UK metal band Jupiter Falls takes the Duck ‘n’ Drake in Leeds

By Craig Carling, Manchester Correspondent

VENUE:  Leeds Duck n’ Drake on October 24, 2015

After being asked to take some shots of Jupiter Falls by the Editor, I thought I would look them up on the ‘tube first. Anyone who has seen their recent videos on there would think exactly what I thought…..”90’s throwback rock n’ roll/classic rock band”. What I saw on Saturday night though was slightly different. I do not t really know the back catalogue of the band well enough to know whether this is down to a new direction the band have chosen–or whether they really are that eclectic. You see, some of the songs are straight out of the 70’s while others are seriously cutting edge and really quite heavy. What is in no doubt though, is these boys know how to play. From the opening bars of “This Life” to the resonating feedback that concluded the set, it was obvious to the necessarily small (due to venue limitations) but enthusiastic and very noisy fans that this band have put in the hours to make sure they sound tight and professional throughout.

The stage was ideal for the support artist, the excellent and very entertaining Dog Coffee (quite how you managed to get away with a song about getting a hand-job in a pub is something I’ll wonder about till my dying days) and Dog owned it from start to finish. He was the perfect crowd warmer, with great banter with the locals and a warm friendly demeanour. The songs were great too, even if you include the boy band covers (which, being a red blooded male, I don’t. Well, not publicly anyway).

Unfortunately, the stage which was so adequate for Dog Coffee, was a bit problematic for five burly northerners, even if the rhythm guitarist was about 5 foot tall. Even artificially extended, there wasn’t room for the man mountain of a singer, who ended up being part of the crowd for most of the night. Nevertheless, it didn’t affect his vocal performance or stagecraft one bit. He’s a born front man, determined to put on a show, and deserves a much bigger stage both physically and figuratively. Songs like “Chasing the Dragon” show off the combined talents of this band perfectly. From the excellent lead guitar work to the tight as a ducks chuff rhythm section, the guys perform with consummate ease and power which the crowd soak up with glee.

We were treated to one or two ‘tasters’ from the upcoming long player too, and from what I heard, it’ll be a great piece of work and one I shall happily add to my playlist. A particular favourite of mine, and of the rest of the people in attendance was “World War Three”, a sprawling epic with catchy chorus and great hooks throughout.

I look forward to seeing this band again, hopefully on a bigger stage though, so they can really let their hair down. Who knows if the band will make it into the mainstream or not, as many have tried and failed, but if they don’t, it won’t be from a lack of talent or effort.

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Jupiter Falls

Members: James, Deano, Zach, Dan, Lewie; Genre: Hard Rock; Home Town: Leeds

Dog Coffee


Jupiter Falls “Awake”

Jupiter Falls “Chasing the Dragon”



Track listing for Jupiter Falls

This Life


It’s your problem now

To the Point


Chasing the Dragon


World War Three





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