Brilliant Work From Scottish Rockers Estrella

By Raven, Columnist

Review of Scottish Rockers Estrella’s album–We Will Go On

Members: Paul Gunn (Frontman) Luke Gunn (Lead Guitarist) Nathan Thomas Gunn (Bass) Leo McPherson (Drums)

Album Cover - Photo BW_Estrella

Ravens Nest GraphicBand: Estrella and their great new album We Will Go On is a four-piece, hard-driving energetic rock band from Thurso, Scotland with thunderous beats, powerful vocals and mind-blowing guitar riffs. A brilliant new sound hit the music industry today!

Estrella’s title track “We Will Go On” is a fun head-bobbing song with a great drum beat by rhythm section/drummer Leo McPherson. Also, guitarist Luke Gunn adds some great sounds with a guitar solo that shows off the talent of this hard-working guitarist.

Then, the song “Here I Am” starts with a rockin’ 80’s sound and really blows your mind! Also, the song “Wheels Keep Turning” has a a strong keyboard/synth sound reminiscent of The Who’s classic “Baba O’Riley.”

We Will Go On Album CoverThat strong 80s sound you really want to hear is in ‘This Heaven.” Its strong keyboard-based, up-tempo melody is great for turning up the volume and singing along with the powerful vocals highlighted in the middle of the track. “Rock City” is another head-bobbing jam with the drumming of Leo McPherson taking center stage. Great powerful vocals and another hard-driving solo from Guitarist Luke Gunn contribute nicely. This is the type of song and sound you want to take with you in the car and to the nearest party.

If you are a fan of a 80s fun, hard-rocking sound with a twist, then this is the band and the album that should be first on your wishlist.  Check out this great new album from Estrella.