Superb EP from UK band Ellis Red

By Raven, Tampa Correspondent

Review: EP V:IV by UK band Ellis Red

Ellis Red - V-IV - coverEllis Red are a four-piece rock band from Colchester, Essex. The band was formed in 2013 and have since spent most of their time writing, rehearsing and recording tracks for their upcoming EP. Ellis Red signed with Broken Road Records on April 27, 2015.

The Record entitled V:IV is a showcase of the true undeniable quality of  Ellis Red. Made up of six original songs, the EP serves up rock anthem after rock anthem.

Seriously, as one of the more impressive debut outings, Ellis Red have completely shut out all other music from my ears with debut EP V:IV. The guitars are blistering and everything they do sounds the way you want a hard rock album to sound. It is intimidating, yet fun and mostly just a glorious expression of art. I can easily compare this band to Avenged Sevenfold meets Chevelle, but I won’t because this band has a sound of their own.

The band wastes no time in kicking off with “Bones and Beauty” – a high-energy rocker with a blistering rhythm line. “Trust Your Enemies ” is a neat mid-tempo track highlighted by nicely layered vocals and killer guitar riffs. “My Promise” is a neat mid-tempo track that starts with some electronic drum claps highlighted by nicely layered vocals and a killer guitar that makes your head move up and down like a Bobblehead. Another track I really dig is the last one “Time and Place.” This song sounds like it could be in a really cool ending track for a 90’s movie, fully driven by a great rhythm guitar and bass. The teamwork displayed is perfect, and this track is a great wrap to the album.

The music of Ellis Red is not too heavy but edgy – yet always melodic. The band’s sound is crisp and clean . The balance of vocals and instruments is excellent, as are the production values as a whole. This is a mature album in terms of songwriting and delivery.

EllisRed’s V:IV is highly recommended for fans of hard rock, guitar driven rock, and well-balanced vocals.


Members: Chris Morley, Gary Stone, Nick Barnard, Dave Carter.