Chatting with pop/rock singer and songwriter Erica Chase

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By Anita Stewart, Rock At Night Columnist and “Yes She Rocks

Kept from her dreams at an early age and given a second chance at life, she stays committed to her soul and pursues her dreams through her music.

Rock at Night caught up with Erica Chase, a very grounded young woman and a talented singer and songwriter with a positive outlook on life. And she has come a long way! As a young girl she was bullied and discouraged from singing and expressing herself through music. She was told her voice was too low and that she was not good enough and those early put downs shattered her vision and focus at a very early age.

Erica kept music on the back burner just slowly simmering, thinking she would never make it if she tried it out. And she continued on with her life, finished school and went to college and then tried a few other careers that did not pan out. After those other career rejections, she knew she needed to choose music for her own happiness and fulfillment.

Soon, a fateful connection led her to Dana Strum, the bassist for the metal band, Slaughter. The day after a lengthy conversation with him she went biking and got hit by a truck. The whole experience taught her that life was way too short to not follow her bliss…

Erica Chase, set 8, playing guitar, pc Veronica Gutierrez



A behind the scenes look at the video “Paris”

Erica’s new video/single is “Paris”, directed by Chris Hicky (Keith Urban, Carrie Underwood)

Rock At Night’s theme song is “Get On Down If You Feel Up To It” by Billy “Bass” Alford

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