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Janey Street

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By Anita Stewart, Rock At Night columnist  and “Yes She Rocks

When Rock at Night spoke with Janey Street, she had just returned from a recording session at the legendary studios in Muscle Shoals, Alabama. Her road to success has been a long and challenging one with stops and starts to her musical career all along the way. In the 80‘s, she had two songs that were on the Billboard Charts and the videos for those songs got continual airplay on VH-1.

Suddenly she was dropped by her label. During those inbetween years she continued to have her hands in the music business and wrote music along with painting houses, waitressing, teaching guitar lessons and whatever she needed to do to pay the bills. Her eventual move to Nashville got her into the right “mix” of connections and she networked in with other musicians and people in the music business.

By having the right connections and unforgettable talent she was recently signed to Blue Elan and her latest EP, “I’m Not the Girl I Used to Know,” was released a week ago to rave reviews. A five song offering, these are emotional tunes with lyrics that go way down to the depths of her soul. A full album of thirteen songs is scheduled to drop in June of 2016.

As a woman of a “certain age” she has finally come “into her own” and her current success is due to her talent, constant performing and all of the experiences she has had along the way. Her creativity also extends to other outlets; she has even written a television script. We discussed the music scene in Nashville, how ageism plays a huge part in careers for women including within the music industry, mentoring young artists, how she met the famous rock and roll talent tycoon, Clive Davis of Arista and Columbia Records, musician Janis Ian who is her childhood friend and her vision of the future along with so much more!






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