Chatting with Boston metal band Above Snakes

Above Snakes

By Jacob Dillon, Rock At Night Grand Rapids, MI

INTERVIEW: Above Snakes

Above Snakes is old west slang for “still alive”

Above Snakes w/Jacob Dillon

Rock At Night spoke with Boston metal band Above Snakes in their RV at the venue Elevation in Grand Rapids, Michigan.  They are on The Still Panicking Tour with From Ashes to New, Fire of the Gods, Kingdom Collapse, and Blind Channel. The tour began in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on March 3rd, and will head to the West Coast, and return back to Reading, Pennsylvania on April 16th.  Above Snakes discusses their influences, experiences on tour, CBD, their favorite food places on the road, wanting to play at a Danny Wimmer festival, Boston sports teams, and more!

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Still Panicking Tour







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