Chatting with Berlin-based singer/songwriter Sara Hartman

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By Anita Stewart, Rock At Night Columnist and “Yes She Rocks

Rock at Night spoke to Sara Hartman while on the US leg of her tour. We touched on the other artists that inspire her, why she chose Berlin as her home base, her Swedish Fish addiction, and much more! Her songs are superbly crafted and even though she is young, her lyrics reveal an “old soul” deep within. Her rich alto singing voice and her music evoke a rich, multi-layered, “unplugged” feel. 

We caught up with her a few days after Mother’s Day and right before her last several US shows–she is in Portland, Maine tonight and Washington DC and New York over the next several days. Afterwards she will take an extended stay on Long Island to visit her family. Then, she flies back to Berlin and will continue the tour through Germany, France, Switzerland and beyond in support of her album Satellite that was just released on April 22nd.

A far cry from the young teenager of humble beginnings who played covers in the coffeehouses, bars and restaurants of Long Island; she learned very young what it was like to pay her dues. Sara happened to be in just the right place to get the perfect and fateful connection to continue pursuing her dreams. Because of that connection, she met up with her current producer, Tobias Kuhn in Berlin and eventually moved there. Sara just recently toured as the supporting act for Ellie Goulding and is making a name for herself as a stand out musician on her own! Check her out! 

Sara Hartman in Berlin






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