Troy Redfern Showcases New Album Invocation in Chester 

Live Review - Chester, UK

Troy Redfern Band. Photo by Terry Marland.

By Terry Marland, Rock At Night Manchester

Live Review: Troy Redfern with Gus Glynn Band at Live Rooms Chester – Friday 21st June 2024 

The Gus Glynn Band. Photo by Terry Marland.

It was a last minute decision for the Gus Glynn Band to fill the Troy Redfern support slot and they did so with some aplomb.  Previously covered by Rock at Night in April the band has their roots in blues music but cover a range of different genres including pop, rock and shades of country.  A tight outfit, they maximise their half hour set playing tracks from their excellent recent album release Paint it Blue including “Rollin” and “Salt Water’ before finishing with a new number “Fire”. Definitely a band worth catching live. Forthcoming dates and more details HERE.

Troy Redfern  

Troy Redfern. Photo by Terry Marland.

Invocation, the latest album from slide guitar virtuoso Troy Redfern has received more than favourable reviews from the music press and tonight his set is dominated by tracks from this release.  Redfern is a renowned  Blues artist and has won numerous awards in this field.  It  was perhaps surprising then that earlier this year he told Classic Rock (who gave his album a creditable 8/10) that he found the blues “super limiting”. 

 Listening to the album it’s evident that there is a shift in style and tracks have a more  eclectic range than his previous work but his blues credentials still shine through with striking effect.  

 Accompanied by adept musicians Keira Kenworthy (bass) and Nicky Waters (drums) the band blows the roof off the Live Rooms with their high powered delivery.  

The Troy Redfern Band-Nicky Waters-Troy Redfern-Keira Kenworthy-Photo by Terry Marland.

 As the lights dim, Redfern is the last member of the band to take arrive with his now familiar guise of black brimmed hat, long hair and tattooed arms, he has a striking stage presence.  

 Commencing with “All Night Long”, from said album, the band lays down firm foundations for the evening with a power-packed delivery laced with pulverising guitar, earthy vocals and a catchy chorus.  ‘Getaway”, a pre album release, cements the mood with a seventies vibe that’s followed by another Invocation single the Planet Rock radio friendly “Van Helsing”.    

 Redfern’s guitar work is  exemplary.  He is a master of his craft and he is justifiably considered to be at the forefront of contemporary slide guitarists.   

Troy Redfern. Photo by Terry Marland.

 “The Calling”, my personal favourite from the album, retains the spirit of the original recording delivered with a raw edge that only adds to its appeal.  As the set progresses there is no relaxation and drummer Nicky Waters, who has been excellent all night, excels on a  stomping “Voodoo Priestess”.     

The Troy Redfern Band-Troy Redfern-Nicky Waters-Keira Kenworthy-Photo by Terry Marland.

Away from the album, fan favourites finding their way into the set include “Ghosts”, a crowd sing-a-long on “Come On “ and a blistering and extended “Sweet Carolina”.   

 Hearing the new songs performed live only confirms that Invocation is Redfern’s hardest hitting album to date and has the potential to open up his music to the wider audience it deserves. 

 This is a full on no nonsense performance delivered with energy and passion. As the set concludes there is no pretence of an encore just straight off the stage to the merch stand where Troy personally serves fans . 

 There are a few opportunities left to catch the band on this tour and they are on the road again later this year.





Terry Marland

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