Review: Post-punk band Local Blood’s album ‘Loverman’

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Local Blood_Photo by Ž. Jakimovas

Review: Local Blood’s album Loverman – Release date November 13, 2023

The post punk band from Vilnius Lithuania “Local Blood”, proudly presents their criminal romance album “Loverman”, which was released today. The new eight-song album “Loverman” is band’s another step forward, after last year’s successful album “Dystopian Disco”. While listening to “Loverman”, one will hear a multi-layered, even more mature, more complex sound. Two singles from the same album were already released and presented before – “Lovesong” and “Tonguesong”.

“The newest “Loverman” album reflects upon the romantic and criminal experiences of a man in the 90s, in the troubled Lithuania of that time. This idea of the album is felt when listening to both the album’s lyrics and the composition of each song. “Loverman” is created as a conceptual one-piece, so it should be listened from the beginning till end, because the story of the main protagonist is being told throughout the album as a whole. What’s more, at the end of the album, the listener should hear some hints of what may be expected in our future work,” – the band shares their comments about their new release.

Rock At Night Says: The album definitely has the post-punk, dark and retro feel. The baritone voice, cool synth, and guitar riffs  punctuated with percussive beats, makes the album both listenable and danceable. Think Joy Division. Nevertheless, very interesting!

Listen to the song “Loverman.”







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