Crossbone Skully release new anthem ‘I’m Unbreakable’

Single/Video Review

Crossbone Skully (L-R: Sam Bam Koltun, Chris Wyse, Tommy Henriksen, Tuesdai, Anna Cara) Credit: Jason Mayer

CROSSBONE SKULLY—the exciting new project led by mastermind Tommy Henriksen (guitarist and musical director for Alice Cooper’s band & member of Hollywood Vampires)—shared their explosive single “The Boom Went The Boom (feat. Phil Collen of Def Leppard)” last month and are excited to return with a third new track, the justice-driven, affirmational and anthemic “I’m Unbreakable,” out November 17, digitally via Better Noise Music. “I’m Unbreakable” was recorded by Henriksen on lead vocals, guitar, bass, percussion and sound design) with Glen Sobel (Alice Cooper, Hollywood Vampires) on drums, Jamie Muhoberac (My Chemical Romance, John Mayer, Seal) on keys, Jason Roller (Ganjo), and The Hellhoundson backing vocals. It was executively produced by the legendary Mutt Lange (AC/DC, Def Leppard) who emerged from retirement to work on the upcoming album. Pre-save “I’m Unbreakable”

HENRIKSEN reveals CROSSBONE SKULLY’s touring lineup in the live performance shot music video for “I’m Unbreakable” which premiered today, November 16, via YouTube.  The live band lineup includes Henriksen and Wyse along with up-and-coming musicians including guitarists Sam “Bam” Koltun (Dorothy, Faster Pussycat, Budderside) and Anna Cara—who Henriksen found after seeing her viral YouTube guitar cover videos—along with Tuesdai on drums.

“The entire Crossbone Skully universe is built around the age-old concept of good vs evil, right vs wrong and, as a result, that concept is central to the songs of the album,” shares HENRIKSEN. “With ‘I’m Unbreakable,’ we wrote it while thinking about having confidence to know that you can win. We’re all warriors just dealing with the bullshit of everyday life that we all gotta deal with. I’m telling everyone to be strong and to believe in yourself because you are a warrior, you’ve made it this far so you must be unbreakable, remember that.”

CROSSBONE SKULLY will release a series of limited-edition 7” vinyl singles with the first of the series having been announced with the release of “The Boom Went The Boom (feat. Phil Collen of Def Leppard)” in October. After initially being available only through Spotify, the band have announced it will now be made available through their merch store at and will feature “I’m Unbreakable” as its B-side track. The 7” will also come with a limited-edition signed copy of CROSSBONE SKULLY’s “Thing #1” ashcan comic. Proceeds from the sale of the limited edition 7” vinyl will be donated to the 501(c)(3) charity MusiCares who offer preventive, emergency, and recovery programs for musicians and music industry workers in times of need.

Rock At Night says: Definitely an anthem of empowerment, Tommy Henriksen of Crossbone Skully sings: “I’m unstoppable, unshockable, irreplaceable, unbeatable,
Unforgettable, sensational, everything is, everything is…” Possibly the best lyrics are in the first stanza which says: “You know, I’m not a saint/ Yeah, you, I’ll tell you… what I ain’t…/I’m not hateful, disgraceful/Just grateful..” It proves that a hard rock song with kick-ass lead guitar work by Anna Cara, can have a positive message and still be cool.


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