Review: Detroit band Zilched’s album ‘Earthly Delights’

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By Ljubinko Kivkovic, Rock At Night Amsterdam

Review: Zilched – Earthly Delights-Release Date: August 11, 2023

The artists working within modern pop have been covering a wide musical ground, of course, with varied results.

Picking and choosing elements from different genres can be quite tricky if you don’t mix and match your chosen sounds properly and having that key element up front – making a song or an album catchy and listenable.

Chloe Drallos who works under the moniker Zilched is definitely an artist that like to mix’n’match genres, often combining The Cure-like gothic pop with all thing alt rock, putting grunge at the forefront when in full rocking mode.

On Earthly Delights, her second outing, Drallos recruits indie-rock auteur Ian Ruhala (HALA) and producer-programmer Ben Collins (Minihorse) and creates a clear pop-rock vision with some strong melodies and quite a lush production to boot.

The pick’n’choose concept here involves some quite familiar sounds from The Cure and Joy Division to Yeah, Yeah Yeahs among others, but Drallos and her cohorts have done that in quite a tasteful and inventive manner than it had no choice but to work, luckily for Zillched and all who give her latest album a listen.







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