Review: Rockabilly artist Miss Tammy Darling’s EP ‘ Electric Love’

EP Review

Tammy Darling

by Ginny S. Gillikin, Rock At Night Raleigh, NC

EP Review: Miss Tammy Darling’s “Electric Love” 

Miss Tammy Darling, otherwise known as Tammy Whetham, is a singer, actress, voice teacher, and pin-up artist based in Toronto, Canada. Electric Love, her debut EP featuring original music, was released on March 31 and is now available on all streaming platforms. 

 She packs seven songs into a 20-minute-long EP. “Let’s Go,” a rollicking 1950s-inspired rockabilly number, gets the party going. “Come on, daddy-o,” Miss Tammy pleads atop a background of electric guitar and piano. “Tearing down the highway with the stereo on / Favorite hits blaring, we’ll be driving till dawn.”  

Miss Tammy Darling

 “Boogie Into the Night” follows, introduced with a swinging saxophone. Miss Tammy continues with the rockabilly singing style and imagery. “That drummer’s playing a hepcat beat … Show me whatcha’ got, hey don’t be shy,” she implores as she invites her listeners to the dance floor. “Now’s your chance to let it all fly.”  

 “Pretty Little Dress” takes a more serious tone as Miss Tammy warns catcallers to leave her alone. This could be a feminist anthem for the 2020s  – “Don’t call me baby, honey, or toots … Don’t whistle as I walk … Cause I wear that pretty little dress for me, not you / And that bright red lip / Well, that’s for me, too.”  

 “Hollywood Romance” is a ballad that conjures images of Sandy and Danny riding a motorcycle in the 1978 movie “Grease,” both in black leather jackets. “I’ve been waiting and waiting for my dream man to appear,” Miss Tammy sings longingly. “I know he’s out there somewhere just waiting to be found … They say I’m a hopeless romantic through and through / That all the good ones are taken, but I’m still holding out / For a Hollywood romance; that’s what I’m dreaming of.” 

“Mr. Bartender,” Miss Tammy’s debut single that was released in 2021, closes out the EP with her signature fun and flirty vibe. Her backing band is in full force on this song. “Will you fix me up with your signature drink?” she purrs, then sings a lists of cocktails – and that’s not all she desires. “You’re everything I want; you’re the perfect man / You check all the boxes; I’m your number-one fan / Smart, handsome, and a true artiste … I’ll be here until you close up shop.” 

 This EP is the perfect backing music to play as you get ready for a night on the town. Think guys greasing back their black hair and ladies primping with dark red lipstick and hair spray. If you’re in the mood for a throwback to the days of vintage Hollywood and glamour, Miss Tammy is your gal.  

 She will perform live for the EP release party at The Jazz Room in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada, on April 16. 






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