Review: The Fish Mittens’ EP ‘Filthy Gibberish’

EP Review

The Fish Mittens

By Ginny S. Gillikin, Raleigh, NC

Review: The Fish Mittens – “Filthy Gibberish” EP – Release date December 1, 2022 

The Fish Mittens is a four-piece punk band from Kent, England. Their name refers to 16th- to 17th-century slang for a female body part. Fittingly, the songs on their new EP are irreverent and mention sex frequently. They are fast-paced – clocking in under three minutes – and humorous. 

 While listening to “Suburban Wife Swap,” I can picture a swinging ‘60s key party where partners are swapped, complete with liquor and shrimp cocktails. “The drinks are flowing … it’s a swinger’s dream.” As he repeatedly mentions a woman named Marjorie – seemingly his wife – singer Mick Mould realizes that she’s just picked me.” 

 The narrator of “The Accidental Dogger” seems to be watching others perform sexual acts in public – bringing the titular British slang term to life. He finally laments, “There’s nothing here to see; I only stopped in here to phone my mum.” 

 Though the songs might be silly, The Fish Mittens actually know how to play their instruments. Their songs are standard punk fare but enjoyable. 

The Fish Mittens are..

Mick Mould:  Vocals

Mike Bridle:   Guitar

Paul Clemas:  Bass

Tim Powell:   Drums





All words and music by the fish mittens. Recorded at Honywood studios Basildon Essex by Dan Hack and Gary Ostell.

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