WJRR Native Noise Presents ‘Orlando Rocks!’ showcases metal bands

Live Review

The Dev. Photo by David Lucas.

By David Lucas, Rock At Night Orlando

Live Review: Native Noise, NoSelf, Copper Bones, Bobby Keller, and The Dev – January 6, 2023

WJRR Native Noise Presents: Orlando Rocks!

NoSelf. Photo by David Lucas.

It’s another night for the locals to rock the House of Blues in Orlando, Florida. Native Noise is a one hour block of local Central Florida musicians that can be listened to on 101.1 WJRR every Sunday at 11:00 PM hosted by Supa Dave (@supadaveonair). This is a show that I have been waiting on and could not get here soon enough since being announced at the previous Orlando Rocks show back on November 4, 2022. With that, Supa Dave has done it again. Announcing that another show is already in the work and planned for March 2023. More information on who will be performing at a later date.

Tanner of the Bobby Keller band. Photo by David Lucas.

First to the stage is NoSelf. The first time I saw these guys perform was on this very stage in 2019 at another night for local musicians. If you like Nu Metal, hard rock with some melody in the vocals alone with some high energy guitar and bass. NoSelf is a band to check out. With a forty-minute set and thirteen songs on the setlist the bar is being set for the night. They did not disappoint.

Copper Bones is up next. It’s a special night for them with the evening also being an album release party for their latest release “Kings”. This is my first time seeing this duo perform live. Yes, I said duo. Ryan Fleming on bass and vocals and Gregg Blachstein on drums. Their sound has a great feel to it. Ryan has his bass setup perfect for that raspy distortion for a heavy rock ‘n’ roll song and leaving enough deepness to know there is still bass in there. Bringing on a special guest this duo turned into a trio with Justin Zucker on keyboards for a couple of songs.

Copper Bones. Photo by David Lucas.

With the stage curtain closed while the stage is being set up for Bobby Keller the chants start coming on “Bobby, Bobby, Bobby” over and over. Doing a sound check Bobby strikes a note and the screams and yells cover the music playing on the venue sound system. The chants start again and this time Bobby sticks his arm though the center opening of the curtain and this time it gets even louder. For his solo debut Bobby Keller puts together a powerhouse of musicians to back him for this performance. Music producer and drummer, Ben Johnson. Bobby and Ben have been working together throughout Bobby’s solo projects. Also, Adam Phillips on guitar and Tanner Keegan on bass, they make a four-man powerhouse that gives a performance to remember.

The Dev. Photo by David Lucas.

The final set of the evening, The Dev. No stranger to the House of Blues, it was good to see them back on this stage. Not wasting any time the lights go on and straight into one of my personal favorites “Broken Lies”. Rocking the stage this hard on the first song I knew it was going to be a great show. As I sit here thinking, I honestly can’t think of how many times I have seen them live. If that doesn’t say what a great band this is, I am not sure what will. Their interaction with each other on stage and with the audience is nothing short of amazing.



David Lucas