Chatting with rock band Lola Vain

Podcast Interview

Scott Hammons and Brian Buzard

By Anita Stewart, Managing Editor

Interview with Brian Buzard and Scott Hammons of Lola Vain – January 22, 2023

Phoenix-based band Lola Vain is making record time at getting heard with two singles already and another one, titled “Merry Go Round” on the way! “I’m Alive” and “Dirty Filthy Crazy” are both available through streaming platforms right now. The band already has thousands of followers and streams and they are just getting started! Rock at Night got to spend some time with Scott Hammons (vocals), who has been based in Nashville since 2020 and Brian Buzard (guitarist) from Phoenix to talk about what they are doing musically and what they have planned for the future.

In this interview, Hammons and Buzard of Lola Vain discuss how they became interested in playing music at a young age; today’s music trend regarding release of singles vs. albums; the pandemic’s effect on the recording industry in regard to remote recording and mixing production; music video-making through remote technology; and much more!

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