Review: Lola Vain’s single ‘Dirty, Filthy, Crazy’

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Lola Vain

By Justin Hurst-Kehus, Rock At Night Detroit

Review: Lola Vain’s single “Dirty, Filthy, Crazy” – Release date October 28, 2022

BIG 80’S ENERGY. Lola Vain’s “Dirty, Filthy, Crazy” provides some candy coated nostalgia with this upbeat and catchy single. You know what, I will take some more cowbell.

With vocals that sound like they were imported straight from a band with more hair than clothing, this upbeat track delivers 80’s hard/classic rock riffs and simple boom-bap drums along with its chuggy bass and a straightforward nature that give it a bit of pop-punk flavor. That’s not to say this song doesn’t show an eye for detail though, with clean, bottom to top production and subtle synthesizer overtop of the crunchy rock n’ roll.

Lola Vain is the combined minds of Scott Hammons (vocals) and Brian Buzard (guitars), and despite not technically being a full band, the sound they produce never feels lacking. They’ve really stumbled upon a sweet spot with “Dirty, Filthy, Crazy” with music and lyrics that feel imported from hair bands of the 80’s, but with clean, modern production.




Lola Vain is Scott Hammons (vocals) and Brian Buzard (guitar), both from Phoenix, AZ., with  Hammons currently residing in Nashville, TN.





Justin Hurst-Kehus

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