Review: Lola Vain’s ‘I’m Alive’

Single/Video Review

Lola Vain

By Jungle Josh, Rock At Night Detroit

Review: Lola Vain’s video – “I’m Alive” – Release date July 7th, 2022

Do you like the big heavy power chords of old school rock music mixed with the alternative rock sounds of early 00’s and late 90’s grunge bands??

Well, let me tell you something, this band has exactly what you need!!

“I’m Alive” invokes the big ‘heavy in your face’ guitars and screams Bon Scott and AC/DC song mixed in with modern style song writing!

It’s the perfect party rock song for when you’re drunk as hell and just wanna’ wind loose! I’ll definitely be blasting this with my windows down tonight!!

So what are you waiting for? CRANK IT UP AND FEEL ALIVE with Lola Vain’s “I’m Alive!”

Who is Lola Vain?

Scott Hammons (vocals, guitar) and friend Brian Buzard (vocals, guitar). Both guys hail from Phoenix, AZ., with Scott currently residing in Nashville, TN.




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