Review: Phil Thornalley’s album ‘Now That I Have Your Attention’

Album Review

Phil Thornalley

By Ljubinko Zivkovic, Rock At Night Amsterdam

Review: Phil Thornalley’s album  – Now That I Have Your Attention-Released via the Lojinx record label on September 2, 2022

Those listeners following closely album liner notes have certainly come to notice the name of Phil Thornalley on quite a few big name releases – Bryan Adams, Thompson Twins, The Cure, Psychedelic Furs, XTC, Duran Duran, and even Paul McCartney.

Thornalley also co-wrote and produced Natalie Imbruglia’s 1997 worldwide smash “Torn,” and has written hits with some other artists too.

Now Londoner is stepping to the limelight with his album Now That I Have Your Attention. If looking at the names he has worked with, particularly those of Sir McCartney {‘Bluer Than A Bluebird’) and XTC’s Andy Partrige, you would make a good guess to assume that Thornalley favors a good melody, hook (line and sinker).

A very good guess, indeed, but Thornalley seems to have close to his heart some other great melody and hook craftsmen, particularly ELO’s Jeff Lynne (“Fast Car’), Tom Petty (‘Big Plans’) and even Warren Zevon (‘High On Your Supply’).

“Maybe we should have called it the Traveling Phil-burys,” Thornalley jokes about the sound of the album, “but I enjoyed the earlier ELO records, and the way they married a crummy beat combo with the grandeur of a full orchestra – it was over-the-top but infectiously musical, creating a foundation of the oxymoronic ‘controlled’ rock and roll drums and a super simple bass guitar.”

Whatever the inspiration was, makes no difference. On ‘Now That I Have Your Attention’ has come up with some exquisite pop/rock stuff.








Ljubinko Zivkovic