Review: Silent Theory’s acoustic single ‘Livin the Dream’

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Silent Theory

Idaho Heavy Rock Band Silent Theory has revealed the official music video for “Livin’ the Dream,” off of their new collection of acoustic renditions of their several of their previous singles, Theoretically Speaking: The Acoustic Sessions Vol. 1. Directed by Jon Kuritz from Make Waves Entertainment, “Livin’ The Dream” is originally off of the band’s 2011 released Black Tie Affair.

ROCK AT NIGHT SAYS:  Revisiting a song a decade later can often lead to introspection. Eric Clapton’s “Layla”comes to mind as an example of a revisited and reworked song.  Silent Theory’s original version of “Livin’ the Dream” had the lyrics: And now I can’t believe/We’re here livin’ the dream/And now I can’t believe/I’m here playing this scene. The band always dreamed of being in a rock ‘n’ roll band and they were “livin’ the dream”.

With a more somber and melancholy tone, the lyrics have been changed to a new meaning that reeks of despair: For the motivation changed for what we become/now I peeked behind the screen/it’s hard to unsee/now I’m all alone livin’ the dream”.

The video shows the singer sitting in what appears to be a homeless camp saying he is “all alone livin’ the dream”.  The lyrics speak of regret. Accompanied by a simple acoustic guitar and stringed violin embellishments, the melody and pure tone of the vocals are breathtaking.  Please give this video/song a view.


Theoretically Speaking: The Acoustic Sessions Vol. 1.

Track List:
1. Disintegrate (Acoustic)
2. Living The Dream (Acoustic)
3. Alice (Acoustic)
4. Fragile Minds (Orchestral)
5. Shaking Cages (Acoustic)
6. Am I Fixed Yet (Acoustic)

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