Review: C-BEEM’s single ‘Warriors’

Single Review

By Ljubinko Zivkovic, Rock At Night Amsterdam

Music Review: C-BEEM’s single “Warriors” – Release date August 4, 2022

Who’s afraid of Pink Floyd’s melody-oriented era?  

Well, our UK friend Chris, who works under the artistic handle of C-Beem certainly isn’t. And taking a listen to ‘Warriors,’ his latest single, he certainly shouldn’t be. 

The cover image for the track more or less tells the story – battered and hurt by all the events that hit us recently, C-Beem, and hopefully all of us, although in the recovery bed, are still getting ready for life’s new battles. No matter what. 

Chris supports the sentiment with some slow burning, Floyd-like vibes that are more a sum or a digest that just a simple copy of a specific sound. He obviously has not just the feel, but also the capability to come up with that type of a sophisticated sound and give it a personal stamp too. 

Album coming soon (hopefully)? 




Ljubinko Zivkovic