Sleeping With Sirens in Orlando: One Wild Ride

Live Review

Sleeping With Sirens. Photo by David Lucas.

By David Lucas, Rock At Night Orlando

Live Review: Sleeping With Sirens, Don Broco, Point North, and Garzi – Crl+Alt+Del Tour-House of Blues-Orlando-July 27, 2022

Garzi. Photo by David Lucas.

Warming up the stage first is Miami, Florida native, Garzi. The lights go out; the music starts, and a flash goes by… It’s Garzi. Want to talk about energy? The room goes wild, and if you had your eyes closed you would have thought that Kellin Quinn was already on the stage. For an opening act this young man was giving a performance to set the night’s bar very high. From getting the audience involved with nearly every song to even completing his set with jumping into the crowd and surfing back to the sound booth.

Point North. Photo by David Lucas.

Point North from Los Angeles, California hit the stage hard with “Never Coming Home”. Three songs into the set as they perform their new and unreleased track “Recover” singer Jon Ludin notices a commotion going on in the crowd and stops the show to check on fans. Once everything is good to go, he commends those that helped get his attention and mentions what a terrific job everyone did and that “we are one big happy family”. Just before ending the set, with two songs to go starts “Into the Dark” and joining on stage is Sleeping with Sirens, Kellin Quinn. The room went wild and full of screens from nearly everyone in the building.

Don Broco. Photo by David Lucas.

Up next, all the way from Bedford, England, UK the British rock band Don Broco. Unsure of what to expect live, having only heard a few of their songs prior to the show. My first thought when singer Rob Damiani entered the stage with his moves was something along the lines of a disco rock mix. If only I could dance, I would have been right there along with everyone else. These guys really know how to put on an amazing show and involving everyone in the room as if it was one big stage. Guitarist Simon Delaney showed this by leaving the stage for the middle of the floor riding on one of his crew members shoulders attempting to play his guitar. Unfortunately, because of technical difficulties his guitar pack stopped working. That didn’t let him stop having fun. Holding his guitar high above his head while spinning in a circle while fans gather and form a circle pit around him. Returning to the stage, the guitar pack is fixed, and the show goes on. Don Broco is a group act and one I would recommend checking out when they come to your town.

Sleeping With Sirens. Photo by David Lucas.

It’s time for Sleeping with Sirens to take the stage. The lights go down and the screams are deafening. The beat of the drums breaks through the screams and “Break Me Down” has everyone singing along. Next up is “Kick Me” and from the mix of screams and singing every word I would say it’s another fan favorite. Without letting up, “Kick Me”, “Leave It All Behind”, “Never Enough” and “Talking to Myself” were next on the set.

From the Madness era “Go Go Go” was the perfect song to keep everyone going when Kellin had the audience chanting “go…go…go” back to him. Going into “Better Off Dead” Kellin dedicates the song to anyone feeling lost and alone. From their new album ‘Complete Collapse’ releasing October 14, 2022  the first single off the record “Crosses” this high energy fast paced tune got the surfing started.

Sleeping With Sirens. Photo by David Lucas.

Security at the front of the stage was having a difficult time keeping up with helping the crowd surfers down once they reached the stage. Kellin didn’t let it stop there, during the bridge of “Agree to Disagree” called for a wall of death. Ending the song with “Orlando goes hard!” Slowing it down a little from their “If you were a movie, this would be your soundtrack” EP the acoustic “Scene Five: With Ears to See, and Eyes to Hear”.

Next, walking everyone through their meeting a very special lady at the meet and greet, she had requested the song “The Strays”. They did not disappoint, evening mentioning that they had not played this song in some time and still did an amazing job. Keeping the acoustic going with a cover of the Goo Goo Dolls, Iris. Picking the pace back up with another new song from the upcoming album, Bloody Knuckles gets the crowd surfing started again. Dropping back to 2010 with “If I’m James Dean, You’re Audrey Hepburn”. Leaving the stage without another word and shouts of “encore” erupts and the chants of “one more song” over and over. Again, Not to disappoint Kellin announces they will do two more songs.

First of the encore “Do It Now Remember It Later” and second song “If You Can’t Hang” Kellin throws everyone in the front middle a special treat, Himself. Asking the middle to come tight and put their arms up, “I’m coming to you!” He backs a few steps and takes a dive into the crowd, he surfs for a moment while everyone is still singing and works his way back to the front center of the stage. Such an incredible way to end the show.


David Lucas