ROCK AT NIGHT VIDEO PREMIERE: Velcro Dog’s ‘Misanthropology’


Velcro Dog

Exclusive Premiere on Rock At Night – Thursday, June 16, 2022  – Worldwide streaming on June 17,  2022 – “Misanthropology”-Westergaard Records

Velcro Dog is the solo project of Norwegian musician and songwriter Tony Gonzalez (Barren Womb, Oma Desala, Twin Serpent, Dårli Te Beins). Born from an incessant need to deal with both old and new ghosts, Velcro Dog creeps along the darkest corners of the folk, americana and country traditions, carving out a sound that may perhaps best be labeled as fjord noir.

Rock At Night says: Filmed with color, texture, and absurd, quirky, or even grotesque images of green slime, body parts, Billy Bob teeth–you name it. It’s the seedy side of life.  The characters are giving the “OK” hand gesture symbol throughout.

“Misanthropology” blends a rhythmic acoustic guitar, understated vocals, twangy banjo, and some percussion into a tale of drinking one’s troubles away. The tone is melancholy yet humorous and dark.  In the middle of the tale, a spaghetti western whistle comes out of nowhere.  The song is really unique and imaginative. It will definitely appeal to fans of Amigo the Devil.


Velcro Dog. Photo by Ida Muren Olsen.
It’s not my fault that I’m drinking again
When you’ve been pissing in the wishing well
Trying to claw your way to heaven
Instead, you’re making this place hell
Here’s to mankind
It’s not my fault that I’m drinking again
It is the state of this pernicious pit
Got suckered in with a promise of nice things
Now I douse my skull in aquavit
Here’s to mankind
It’s all my fault that I’m drinking again
Because I’m just as bad as the rest of you apes
We will be gone someday soon anyway
So raise your glass, ‘cus no one escapes
Here’s to mankind


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