Sticky Fingers delight with horror-comedy hijinks of ‘Lupo the Wolf’

Sticky Finger's video "Lupo the Wolf"

By Connor Shelton, Rock At Night St. Louis

Review: Sticky Finger’s video/single “Lupo the Wolf”-April 20, 2022

 Having sold out arenas across Australia, racked up billions of streams on platforms such as Spotify, and been celebrated by the likes of Rolling Stone, Clash, and Flaunt Magazine among numerous publications, Sticky Fingers offer up yet another treat off their recently released 5th album, Lekkerboy. 

 ROCK AT NIGHT SAYS: Equal parts spooky and goofy, “Lupo the Wolf” is a song that doesn’t just need to be heard, but experienced. This isn’t a matter of tuning into the lyrics (they’re on the nonsensical side of things). Rather, the experience worth looking for is in the music video. The first two and half minutes admittedly border on being unbearable, but once the music actually kicks in, the humor of the piece suddenly lands. The sight gags work with the lyrics, the gore is gruesome without being tasteless, and the whole production adds punch to the already catchy track with its mix of reggae, rock, and psychedelia.

Watch the music video below! 








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