Review: Prince Bishop’s single ‘Roman Roads’

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Prince Bishop

By Connor Shelton, Rock At Night St. Louis

Single Review: “Roman Roads” – Prince Bishop-March 18, 2022

Hailing from Durham, England, Prince Bishop are amongst the few modern acts who have been bitten by the prog-rock bug yet are somehow capable of creating music that would seem accessible for the masses. It’s a feat that was worth applauding on their 2021 debut single, “Come Alive,” and now they’ve struck again with the graceful “Roman Roads.”

Rock at Night Says: Evoking the pastoral tones of late ‘70s Rush ballads like “Closer to Heart,” “Roman Roads” uses the warm mysteriousness of its opening chords to draw the listener in on its message about finding the beauty in our surroundings. Though this message and the way it’s delivered through the metaphor of the titular Roman Roads might draw further comparison to the aforementioned Canadian trio, the piece diverges significantly from the famed prog group. It’s restrained, lyrical, and accessible, yet the song never slips into the realm of simple pop music. If anything, it’s a melodic slice of alt-rock with some pleasant quirks, all of which help to plant the song in the listener’s ear.

Check out the video below.

Prince Bishop are set to release their debut album, All is Due, later on in 2022.


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