Korn whips the crowd in Saginaw into a frenzy

Live Review

Korn. Photo by Jacob Dylan.

By Jacob Dillon, Rock At Night Grand Rapids

Live Review:Korn at the DOW Event Center, Saginaw – March 23, 2022

James “Munky” Shaffer of Korn. Photo by Jacob Dillon.

Korn came on to the stage Wednesday night with the fury of a hurricane. The crowd was whipped into a frenzy as they began the set in stunning fashion. The lightshow was breath taking with multiple colors blending together perfectly as they illuminated the band and highlighting them as they moved about the stage. They hit the crowd with such hits as “Falling Away from Me”, “Freak on a Leash”, “A.D.I.D.A.S.”, and ” Y’all Want a Single”,  and more.  

Jonathan looked to be in peak form as he traversed the stage with an awe-inspiring presence that has been built over years of performing and perfecting his craft. By his performance you would not have been able to tell he had suffered from the effects of a long COVID battle. His head was on fire as he interacted with fans by throwing giant picks and singing along with them. He made the fans feel as if they were on stage by yelling and getting everyone pumped as he made each fan feel special. 

Jonathan Davis of Korn. Photo by Jacob Dillon.

Ra Diaz absolutely owned the bass and commanded attention as he flew around the stage like a tornado slapping each string with the power of a jackhammer helping re-create Fieldy and Korn’s infamous bass tone. Whether he was at the back of the stage messing with Ray on drums or up front headbanging like his life depended on it he helped bring that boom. He has made himself known as he has helped Korn out. Ra also plays with the infamous and legendary band Suicidal Tendencies.  

Ray Luzier, man, that guy is a beast behind the kit sticks flying in a blur of motion never missing a beat even when a stick flew off into left field. His drum solo was hypnotic and powerful as he played with the fury of an earthquake. His monstrous tones were heard from the front of the arena to the back beating into you like a Mike Tyson punch.  

So if you haven’t seen Korn yet and they are coming near your town,  you definitely want to catch them on this tour. They are hyped and ready to melt your face with hypnotic powerful riffs and eerie ear catching vocals.  




A Snippet From the Concert

Jacob Dillon