Shaman’s Harvest Returns with First Album in Five Years ‘Rebelator’

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Shaman's Harvest

By Earl Burton AKA “Tampa Earl” – Rock At Night

Review: Shaman’s Harvest – Rebelator – Release date March 11, 2022 via Mascot Records

It’s been a long five years for Missouri rockers Shaman’s Harvest. After the success of their 2017 CD Red Hands Black Deeds, which featured such modern rock hammers as “The Devil in Our Wake” (among others), the band looked to return to the studios to record the follow up. But it seemed that there were other demons that were dead set on keeping Nathan Hunt and the band from recording. 

Soon after setting aside recording time for the new effort “a tornado ripped through our town,” guitarist Josh Hamler explained. “Two miles from the studio, leveling everything in its path.” A flood would then hit the area and, as the recording efforts started and stopped, Hamler said it was “like Murphy’s Law…what else is going to happen to go wrong in the making of this record?” Toss in the resulting COVID pandemic at the start of 2020 and it has been some time since Shaman’s Harvest has been on the scene.  

That’s about to change come March 11… 

Shaman’s Harvest will release its seventh album, to be called Rebelator, as they look to further their ascent in the 21st century world of hard rock. The new disc continues on the powerful trek that they have set with their previous work, but there is a definite maturing to the overall sound of the group. Vocalist Nathan Hunt’s voice sounds more weathered, bringing a certain seriousness to the overall sound of the band, while Hamler, lead guitarist Derrick Shipp and drummer Adam Zemanek back him up with astounding proficiency and excellent musicianship.  

The very start of Rebelator delivers a kick in the ass to the listener. “Under Your Skin” comes out with the guitar assault of Hamler and Shipp and they don’t let up for the extent of the song. It catches the listener’s attention immediately and sets the tone for what will be an intriguing journey with the band over the extent of the 11-track set.  

The tune that many have probably already heard from the CD is “Voices,” which makes a bit of a departure for the band in that it is a ballad – somewhat. Hunt’s vocals take the lead here, delivering an excellent performance of what should be an arena anthem for the band. Starting with a simple acoustic guitar and Hunt’s grumbling voice, the song builds into a powerful finale that entrances the listener. 

Finally, the band uses the apocryphal biblical story of Lilith in a song of the same name. In the song “Lilith,” Hunt explains his devotion to a woman and, along with the band’s powerful work backing him up, singing “I’m a snake within your garden, you’re my Lilith hold me deep…let me worship at your feet.” It is a haunting number that would be an excellent future release from the CD for the band.  

Shaman’s Harvest has seen each release from the band reach higher on the charts without sacrificing the group’s development and willingness to challenge themselves and their listeners. With Rebelator, Shaman’s Harvest continues to show the maturation of the band, the experimentation with their musical approach and should further their advancement into the current rock scene.  

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