Dawn of Ashes tackles mental illness and more in album ‘Scars of the Broken’

Dawn of Ashes

By Jacob Dillon, Rock At Night Grand Rapids, MI

Review: Dawn of Ashes’ album Scars of the Broken via ArtoffactRelease date March 18, 2022

Dawn of Ashes – Scars of the Broken

Dawn of Ashes’ newest album Scars Of The Broken is an album filled with personal battles and stories of demons faced and conquered. This album speaks about living with mental illness.  Multiple songs stick out with lyrics that are relatable to many who live with a mask on in order to portray societies demand for happy ‘normal’ people.  The album touches on how many of us humans hide behind facades to mask the pain of depression, anxiety, and many other mental health issues people do not understand. For example, the lyrics from “The Despondent Hole” says, “They will never know what it feels like until they live life with this disease.”

A lot of people may suffer from a mental illness but each one is separate and unique in its own way–and this album addresses this. It is dark and filled with pain and suffering. It lets people out there know they are not alone in the battles with demons or issues that eat away at them.  It brings to light Kristof Bathory’s personal battle with mental health issues and his struggle to cope and manage them–and he does a fantastic job in describing his experience.

The album tackles loss and heartache in songs such as “Love Is Asphyxiation” with lyrics such as “Is it worth it to love again? Is it worth it to take another chance?” The song aims at tackling heartbreak, loneliness, and emptiness saying, “It’s so hard to live again! Is it worth it love again? Is it worth it to take another chance? Or choke on the poison that’s triggered by the past.”

Another lyric taken from “Love is Asphyxiation” tackles the topic of PTSD in relationships. Overall, this album is a magnificent piece of art from Dawn Of Ashes and is a must listen if you are into Dark Cyber Industrial Metal.

Track List:
1. (Descending) Torn Inside
2. Love is Asphyxiation
3. The Despondent Hole
5. Bane of Your Existence
6. (Limbo) Numb
7. It Comes in Waves
8. Heart Beats Cold
9. Turn It Shallow
10. Scars of the Broken
11. The Antidote
12. (Ascending) Catharsis










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