Clearfight drop searing new single “Avalanche” 

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Clearfight - from the video "Avalanche"

By Connor Shelton, Rock At Night St. Louis

Review: Clearfight’s single “Avalanche” – Release date February 25, 2022


Hailing from the midwestern United States, Clearfight are among the many contributing to the pop-punk revival of the 2020s. Don’t let the term “pop-punk” with its snotty, irreverent connotations dissuade you though from listening to the band. As they put it, “Clearfight is here to make an impact by creating heartfelt, melodic declarations surrounding topics like heartbreak, mental health, and trying to find positivity in difficult situations.” We have nothing but respect for that. 

Rock at Night Says: At a concise two minutes and forty-three seconds in length, “Avalanche,” is proof that less is more. The song hits you over the head with a thick, crunchy wall of sound, but it knows to dial things back during the verses so as not to overwhelm the listener. This isn’t to say the track is bereft of emotion. The anxiety and dread that is typical of the pop-punk/emo genre is still present, but it ultimately serves to enhance the message of romantic betrayal presented in the lyrics. And while the music video isn’t quite able to add another layer to this narrative, it perfectly captures the vibe of the composition.

Watch the immaculately shot video below. 



Clearfight’s debut EP, Comfort in Your Skin, comes out on March 18, 2022. 


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