ROCK AT NIGHT PREMIERE: Realm of Sheol’s single ‘Aphasia’


Realm of Sheol. Photo by Jacob Dillon.
Realm of Sheol – “Aphasia”

PREMIERE of REALM OF SHEOL’s single “Aphasia” – January 28, 2022

Self-titled album release date – March 25, 2022

Realm of Sheol comes at you with the strength of a raging hurricane with the bands newest single “Aphasia”.  The song is filled with super heavy distortion and dark evil violent vocals. They are making their presence known as the song enraptures you with its dark eerie and ever winding melody. This track hits you with the sonic force of an atom bomb taking you to another world and dragging you down to the pits of hell. With its demonic vocals and nasty leads, you can’t help but head bang. Let’s not forget the drums that hit you like a spray of bullets–thunderously powerful and lightning fast.

This single is a masterpiece –and this is only the beginning. Realm of Sheol has scheduled a show at Turnstiles in Grand Rapids Michigan for February 25th exactly one month before the release of Realm of Sheols self-titled debut album. If you want to catch them at Turnstiles, they will be playing with Ghalta a djentcore band from South Bend Indiana and Ellie Blackout a Death Pop outfit from Grand Rapids.

Realm Of Sheol will be taking the stage at Mulligans pub in Grand Rapids March 25th with heavy hitters such as Nociception, a Death Metal outfit from Grand Rapids, Ghalta a Djentcore outfit from South Bend, and Creeping Night, a Heavy Metal band from Detroit.

“Aphasia” by REALM OF SHEOL



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