Review: Jonas Lindberg & The Other Side’s single/video ‘ Why I’m Here’

Jonas Lindberg-Photo by Thorleif Robertsson

By Connor Shelton, Rock At Night Contributor- St. Louis, Missouri

Video/Single Review: Jonas Lindberg & The Other Side – “Why I’m Here”

Album –  Miles From Nowhere-Release date is February 22, 2022

 ROCK AT NIGHT SAYS: Compressing the textures and dynamic interplay of progressive rock into a four and half minute package, Jonas Lindberg conjures up an accessible tune that still manages to showcase his skills as a multi-instrumentalist. Save for the drums, lead guitar, and backing vocals, everything you here comes from Lindberg who, oddly enough, shines brightest behind the keys. Whether it be the subtle organ suspensions in the chorus, or the syncopated synth runs that dominate the pre-chorus riff, Lindberg manages to milk more expression out of the keyboard than his primary instrument (the bass). But this track wouldn’t be half the thing it is without brother Joel Lindberg’s lead guitar work during the bridge. It’s this spacey thing of beauty which serves as the structural foundation for a jam centered around the pre-chorus riff. This in turn, build towards the lyrical guitar solo which takes the songs basic chord sequence and sprinkles it with bends and chromatic runs. It’s an elegant work of art that brings to mind Elliot Easton’s approach to crafting guitar solos (who would probably blush if he listened to Joel Lindberg’s solo). Check out the video below! 


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Connor Shelton