Review: Aussie rockers Sticky Fingers’ single ‘Lekkerboy’

Sticky Fingers

By Sherry Thomas, Rock At Night Correspondent – North Port, FL

Review: Sticky Fingers’ single “Lekkerboy”  – Release Date January 19, 2022

Sticky Fingers – “Lekkerboy”

Sticky Fingers are back at it again with their newest single “Lekkerboy”, the title track from the forthcoming fifth studio album. The beloved Aussie quartet do not disappoint with this sweet, but biting ballad of sorts.

For those wondering, ‘lekker’ is the Dutch word for tasty and this song is the epitome of that definition. It’s the splendid concoction of swagger, an agonizing lust for life, and penance. “Lekkerboy” was one of the first songs written for the album and will be an easy favorite. The lads in Sticky Fingers considers it the ‘dark horse’ and rightfully so. If you enjoy psych, rock, reggae, and bourbon, this will be the ultimate addition to your playlist.

While Sticky Fingers has received critical and commercial acclaim, they are relatively new to me. I took a deep dive into their music and love everything about it. I’m sure you’ll agree if you do the same.









Sherry Thomas