Review of Kevlar Bikini’s single/video ‘Failing As An Adult’

Kevlar Bikini
Kevlar Bikini

Rock At Night has been following hard rock/metal/punk band Kevlar Bikini since Spring 2020. The Croatian band never ceases to amaze us with their use of tongue-in-check lyrics and societal muses.  They boast their DIY take on music and video production–but really, the quality is amazing!

Rock At Night says: Their latest single “Failing As An Adult” uses stop-motion technique and captivates as guitars, cords, and even hair shavers weave in and of the band as members perform in the middle of a grass field. It’s graphically pleasing and colorful, as the lyrics bitingly describe Millennials and Generation Z.  With unabated aggression, the lyrics moan “Aspiration gave to stagnant mind…expectation level declined…disappointment threshold increase ….don’t quit high school for this.”  The phrase “Opt Out” is prominently displayed throughout the video. Simply well-put as the directionless youth seem to be treading water–a state which has become more apparent in post-COVID days.



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