Tarah Who? Rocks With Female Power on Their Alt-Punk Rock LP ‘Supposedly, a Man’

Tarah Who?

By Anita Stewart, Managing Editor

Album Review: “Supposedly, a Man” M & O Music

Release Date: September 24, 2021

This band just rocks! How often do we see talented alternative, punk rockers writing and playing songs with radical feminist lyrics and knocking the boys out of the ballpark with their musical expertise? Well Tarah Who? does just that! They call their genre a blend of Cowpunk, Rock, Alternative and Grunge.

They are also officially in the first round of Grammy consideration for “Best Music Video” for the video of the title track for their new album “Supposedly, a Man.” The album is an 8-track declaration of women who rule!

These ladies are Tarah G. Carpenter on vocals, guitar, bass, backing vocals, theremin and extra Floor Tom with Coralie Herve on drums. On the title track, Jason Orme helped out on the guitar, Jew’s harp, tambourine, shaker, Baritone. The title track was mastered by Jesse Cannon and was produced, mixed and engineered by Jason Orme and co-produced by Tarah G. Carpenter. 

The band is based in LA by the way of France and their style of music is a revved up brand of the alternative/punk-rock that we all loved back in the day; very 1990’s but they are making this music new again. Their inspiration for their songs on this LP come from real life experiences. Bold and beautiful, their lyrics are statements of strong woman-power everywhere!

All the songs on the LP are written by Tarah Who? in collaboration with the band’s producer Jason Orme, a familiar name as he worked with Alanis Morrisette. This album was released on September 24, 2021 and is available on all streaming platforms right now.

Supposedly, a Man

The songs are broken down like this: “Bad Time” reminded me of some of the music of Joan Jett and the Runaways. “Swallow That Pill” was singable with hooks in the verses and choruses. Tarah’s voice is monotone or powerfully yelling in this one. “Supposedly, a Man” was my favorite, a song with a message and the brilliant accompanying video–just brilliant! Coralie shines on the drum kit in this one. “La petite boche” is translated “the little soldier,” the latter word making reference to a German (with stoic tendencies). Very fast tempo and traditional punk rock song with great guitar work. “Manners” is more of an alternative rock song, the lyrics are about trying to please everyone. I was reminded of the music and lyrics of Patti Smith when I heard this one. Great guitar solo! “Pantomath” was grunge/punk with the sing-along “Yeahs,” and rage, I loved it! “Illusion of Freedom” was another alternative rock song, definitely political and rageful, with a sing along chorus. “Little Pieces 2021” had some explicit lyrics that you can sing to anyone that has infuriated you. Definitely some grabbing hooks and now I can’t stop singing it!

And what does Rock at Night say about this album? “This album rocks so hard. I can’t stop listening to these songs. The lyrics are loud and forceful about women and their power and how they OWN it! And these women have a lot to say. To most Punk Rock and Alternative bands, you men better stand back, because these women have usurped the throne and they are the reigning queens of these genres right now! Note to self: see this band live.





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