Le Junk Thrashes to Unburden a Habit on ‘Sticky Side’

Le Junk. Photo credit: Ralph Fuller

By Anthony Mclaude, Rock At Night New Jersey

Review: Le Junk’s single “Sticky Side”-Release date October 4, 2021

Le Junk-“Sticky Side”

Damned if he does, damned if he doesn’t. For the fatal attraction of a damned generation, emerging London-based multi-instrumentalist, Le Junk, with the red controversial plastering of his surname “JUNK” written on his forehead, broadcasts toxicity, self-destruction, and addictive behavioral issues through his rugged and thrashed, October 4th released single, ‘Sticky Side.’

Mirroring mayhem through the eyes of his dysfunctional rearview, Le Junk draws from the music of c Chic, and The Strokes, with a bruising but melodic disco groove; a gritty record to light a spliff and inhale.

Perilous when airing all of his dirty laundered junk while keeping a healthy distance through early lyrical rock ‘n’ roll jottings, ‘Sticky Side’ represents someone with a fractured past left bleeding into their present. But falling in love is much harder than to cut your losses — instead you proceed to return to the toxic relationship with a heavier appetitive whet.

Now hot on the heels, Le Junk addresses his troubles in spoken frustration (“Distractions of the tongue ain’t good enough/When you’re the kind of taste I hate to love”), then flows with singing the choruses in a gritty groove, an addictive taste of candy-pop. “But you got a sticky side/When you sit right next to me/The taste of bitter slowly turning sweet. Your sticky side/has a way of winning me/You turn my big red flashing light to green.”

Le Junk tells Rock At Night how the aim of the song came into shooting rotation: “It’s something I’ve witnessed time and time again,” says Junk, “The song should serve as a reminder that you can’t always help how you feel about someone, even when you’re totally aware that your next move won’t be a good one.”

Controversial with the switch-ups, Le Junk is the type of dedicated artist who not only would cut his teeth while performing live, but an artist dedicated to unburdening his inner demons to continue to evolve as an artist.








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