Jem Davis and His New Project Pepperkid2 Release Single ‘After the Rain’

Jem Davis

By Anita Stewart, Managing Editor

New Single Release: “After the Rain

Release Date: October 15, 2021

Jem Davis

FM‘s keyboard wizard, Jem Davis has just released his first single, “After the Rain” from his full length studio album for his new project, Pepperland2. The album will be released on November 12, 2021 and titled “Adventures in Pepperland.” Jem has created a whole new world with his music on this album and we here at Rock at Night can’t wait to hear it!

Jem calls this new music “genre-fluid.” Based on the sound of this new single release, there is no way to fit the music into a category or genre but it’s definitely rock and roll! “The album follows no genre restrictions so the styles are varied but all come from the mad world inside my head and from the heart!”

In the summer of 2020, during Lockdown,” Jem reflects, “I moved to a cottage near Lutterworth that came with amazing ready-built studio. Naming it ‘Electric Pepperland’, I immersed myself into my music, writing whatever inspired me. It soon became clear that there were many songs that didn’t fit the FM vibe and I needed to get them out there somehow, so under the guise of a project I called ‘Pepperkid2’ I set to work! Not being gifted in the vocal department, I asked my good friend Mike Dyer (Grand Slam) to be the main vocalist/co-writer, who kindly accepted.”

Regarding the guitar, Jem says, “This time I knew I needed something special so I asked my old friend from UFO/Grand Slam: Mr Laurence Archer if he would do the honours and boy did, he! So, sit back, make yourself a Pepper sandwich. Disengage from the world for an hour and take a trip with me into ‘Pepperland’!

Rock energy along with powerful vocals and a gnarly guitar solo at the break–“After the Rain” is a beacon for what we can expect to hear on the rest of the album.

Rock at Night says: “This is a powerful single and opens with crashing thunder and bass and guitar, love the vibe and the vocals are brilliant! Not heavy metal, not classic rock, not blues, but definitely a combo of melodic and harmonic sounds. Great guitar solo at the break and tying it all together music from the keyboards. Judging from the sound on this single and hearing the chatter about the album so far we are waiting to hear the entire project when it is released. Love this!”





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