Tennessee’s 7Descent Releases Their New Hard Rock Single ‘Beverly’


By Anita Stewart, Managing Editor

New Single Release: “Beverly

Release Date: September 17, 2021


The Tennessee-based rock group, 7Descent, has released their debut single “Beverly.” This band’s music has been inspired by older classic rock like Black Sabbath and Deep Purple and they have mixed those older influences with the grunge sound of the 90’s. The band is vocalist Ishmael Herring (Milo), Ed Taylor on guitar, Brian Coffee on bass and Andrew Crimmins (A.J.) on drums.

None of the band members have formal music training but they do have talent and intuition about what their audiences like and want to hear. They love to freestyle their music and great songs come from that creative process. Milo writes music about real life experiences such as homelessness and addiction and dreams of better things to come. The band describes their music as “rock that moves you!” The band is not signed to any label yet.

Beverly” is guitar laden with some distortion on the drums and powerful, emotive vocals. This is a “love gone wrong” song, as the one on the bad end of the relationship gets their freedom back.

Rock at Night says: “‘Beverly’ is a moving song about a love interest that the lyricist needs to leave, the relationship did not work and he is on the move. A classic rock song, clear lyrics, great guitar work and drums on this one. Waiting to hear more from this band!”




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