Album Review of Trudii Harrison’s ‘True Story’ with Songs About Love, Peace and Justice

By Anita Stewart, Managing Editor

Album Review: “True Story

Release Date: August 13, 2021

Trudii Harrison comes from the parish of St. Ann in Jamaica and has been on the music scene for years. She began singing in competitions as a child and eventually worked in the hotel, hospitality and tourism industries as an entertainer and singer. Trudii was a quick study when pouring over the works of other artists and was inspired by the works of Marcia Griffiths, Dawn Penn, Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston.

Timing was everything for Trudii Harrison when she was watching the news regarding George Floyd and his murder. Working with serendipity for sure, famous music producer Cliff Manswell sent her information about his new project.  She had previously met Manswell through a friend and right away he knew he wanted to work with her. She quickly recorded a single titled “Black Voice” at his request. This song became the first single that was released from the 11-track album that dropped last month from CKM Infinity Studio.

“True Story” by Trudii Harrison

When I received the rhythm I was actually watching the video of George Floyd. I was heartbroken and felt like I had to play my part to get the word out that enough is enough and black lives matter,” Harrison said. The visuals of George Floyd’s murder by police flashed on television sets and newscasts from around the world. Trudii was outraged even further when she found out that none of the three officers involved in the death of Louisville medical worker, Breonna Taylor were ever charged and escaped justice. She advocates for more music by black people calling attention to the continuing struggles with people of color. “We need more black artists to stand up against issues like racism and police brutality,” Harrison told The Star in 2020. “Although a lot of the cases we have been seeing of late are happening in the US, it is real and issues relating to police brutality are very common in Jamaica.”

The album is a beautiful collection of songs, some with a very political message, others kind of pop/reggae or roots/reggae and about love, emotions, feelings. Loved “Black Voice,” of course, a stand-out tune and powerful video. “Getting Better” a relationship song with a steady beat and a positive, uplifting message. Trudii’s vocals and backing vocals are exceptional. “I Cried” pays homage to the confusing state of the world. “Fantasy” is a song about meeting a new love. “Ride You” is a dancehall song with a great beat and there are fantastic horns in “Make a Way.” “Rub a Dub” is another love song with a dance-able beat. This song has also been released as a video. “Love Game” is another love song, nice wall of sound in this song. Great hook at the chorus. “Touch Me” is a love song and “Fed Up” has some great horns. “Mi Nuh Easy” is another dancehall song with some exceptional electronic synth work and tight vocals from Trudii.

Rock at Night says: “Love this reggae album, Trudii’s voice is exceptional, a nice-mid sounding alto, she effortlessly sings the lead on all the songs. With beautiful harmonies from the back up singers and lots of lush instrumentation, this album foots the bill for people wanting to hear modern reggae and dancehall music. Diverse cuts for dancing or contemplation, lyrics about the need for peace, love and social justice and lots of emotional love and uplift. We want more from Trudii!





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