SINGLE PREMIERE: Moon Fever’s New Release ‘Single All Summer’

By Anita Stewart and Chyrisse Tabone, The Rock At Night Ladies

Single All Summer

Moon Fever has become a huge favorite for us here at Rock at Night! If you want to check out recent blasts from the past with the band, to date we have covered two live performances (HERE and HERE) and reviewed two single/video releases (HERE and HERE). Moon Fever is not a new music, alternative or progressive band. We love them because they perform their own brand of straight up, energy filled, wild-ass rock and roll! Somehow they remind us of favorites from our past while making rock and roll brand new again–a fresh new outlook!

Rock at Night was the first to compare this band to another California rock band, Dirty Honey. And just like that band, Moon Fever is known for their live performances! They also know how to call their audience to action and then show them how to get the party started! Vocalist Cody Jasper and guitarist Mitch Micoley write the tunes and play off of each other while on stage–Cody with his crazy and amazing vocal ability and Mitch with his superb expertise on guitar. Their collaborative songwriting is about unabashed fun, wild and unabandoned recklessness and bad decision-making!

And Moon Fever’s “Payphone Blues” EP released earlier this year is the perfect soundtrack for the party. Singles like Cocaine and Cheap Thrills grabbed people’s attention and quickly turned listeners and viewers of the band’s clever animated music videos into a loyal fan base.

Moon Fever has toured with fellow rockers Buckcherry, Adelitas Way, and 10 Years in the recent past and are currently touring with Hinder “‘Single All Summer’ is just a fun, upbeat rock song…Screw everything! I’m gonna’ do me this summer and don’t want to be tied down. Just want to be single and party all summer!” – Moon Fever.


Just in time for mid-Summer, Moon Fever release an anthem that says “EFF these chicks—no more commitment. I want them all!”

Jasper’s voice soars as the lyrics say “I think I’m through with falling in love/I’ve tried ten times and I’m giving up.” Inventive story-telling of tales all one can relate to, Moon Fever releases another catchy rock song in the vein of classic rock songs without feeling dated. Think 80s and 90s summer hits.  Again, Moon Fever knocks it out of the park as one of the “New Classic Rock” bands to emerge, like Dirty Honey, Rival Sons, and Nick Perri & the Underground Thieves.




Performed by:

Moon Fever (Vox/Guitar: Cody Jasper, Guitar: Mitch Micoley)

Drums: Dylan Howard

Keys: Sasha Smith

Bass: Gregg Cash

Written by: Moon Fever

Produced by: Jim Kaufman

Engineered by: Ryan Moulder







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