Moon Fever Puts Out a Spooky Video–Toxic Relationships and Halloween Go Together!

MoonFever. Photo by Levi Oldham.

By Anita Stewart, Managing Editor

The topics of romance and toxic relationships always seem to be front and center when songwriters are selecting themes for new songs. This new song and video are no exception for the Los Angeles band Moon Fever. This animated video has some spooky imagery too, just in time for Halloween! This is the fourth song released by Moon Fever and if you have not heard of this band yet, get ready! They are a force to be reckoned with and high energy rock and roll!

Lead Singer Cody Jasper says, “Undertaker’ is a song that came out of a chord structure I had been using for a couple of years but never built a completed song from. Combine that with the talented team behind Moon Fever, and we made this a rock song with a PHAT groove and epic DIO/Chester Bennington type vocal vibe. I loved Chester’s vocal ability. And I tried my hardest to represent that style of emotion and singing through this song. As far as the lyrics, I was going through a very tough time with a relationship. It seemed like the only thing that other person and I wanted to do was bring each other down. It was a vicious cycle of love and turmoil. And in the end, we just destroyed one another. That relationship was an undertaker.”

Guitarist Mitch Micoley speaks about the video: ‘Evan York did a great job making an animated video. It’s a dark/ comical tale of an undertaker bringing you to a mortuary. Evan and I have known each other for a while and always wanted to work together, but it just never happened. So finally, the stars aligned, and we were able to put this in motion. Cody and I threw around ideas, and we settled on the story of a Voodoo Queen that a person is running from. We loved Evan’s “big-eyed” guys – we thought that would be perfect for the animated storyline. The video shows a man escaping a bad situation. The video starts in a broken building that is a metaphor for the relationship. He travels through swamps, even literally out of hell, to escape the voodoo queen’s spell. Evan really captured the emotional essence of the song – we hope you like it!”

The rest of the band is: Will Travis on rhythm guitar, Jason Hodges on bass and Greg Garcia on the drums.

Undertaker’ follows up the single ‘Shaking Off The Evil’that received widespread critical acclaim by music outlets everywhere, as well as prime placements on rock playlists on all major streaming services. Previously released songs are Fever and “Casanova” and you can find them online wherever you stream your music. The band is playing some live shows in Texas right now and plans are are unfolding for a tour to start sometime in the 2nd quarter of 2021. Rock at Night wants to hear more from this band and we are sure you do too!

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