Moon Fever Wows the Crowd at St. Petersburg, Florida’s Jannus Live

Moon Fever

Story by Anita Stewart, Managing Editor

Photos by Chyrisse Tabone, Editor

Show Date: February 11, 2021

Venue: Jannus Live in downtown St. Petersburg, Florida

Cody Jasper of Moon Fever

Last night the rock and roll crowd of St. Petersburg did not fail to disappoint and people filed into Jannus Live to check out a three-band show, Moon Fever, Magnolia Bayou and Buckcherry. It was a perfect night for being outdoors, the temps were high 60’s and most were dressed down and very comfortable. We were there to check out Moon Fever as we had covered the band’s new song releases in the Fall. We were thrilled to be able to see them live! Check out those previous stories HERE and HERE.

Joshua Buchanan of Moon Fever

Rock At Night was graciously invited into the Green Room and were able to have an intimate Q & A session with the members of the band and their tour manager. The band formed in Los Angeles. When Covid happened, they moved out of the big city and are currently home based in Amarillo, Texas. Being in a smaller town, the members are finding unique ways to film their videos and put out new music; one is using animation for their videos and another is filming in empty strip clubs.

The band is Cody Jasper on lead vocals, Mitch Micoley on lead guitar and backing vocals, Will Travis on rhythm guitar, Joshua Buchanan on bass and Greg Garcia on the drums.

Mitch Micoley of Moon Fever

Rock At Night spoke with Mitch, who was friendly and happy to converse about the band’s history. “Rock and Roll is coming back,” he says. He loves the energy and the attitude of rock and roll. One of the first albums he heard was Exile on Main Street by the Rolling Stones and knew from hearing the opening guitar riff that rock and roll was his life. He loves the Black Keys and has a lot of eclectic influences, including Joe Pass and (believe it or not) Celine Dion!

The band is currently doing a short tour and planning what comes next. When asked if there would be an upcoming EP or LP, Mitch said, “Hopefully an LP as the band has a lot of material already finished.”

Greg Garcia of Moon Fever

The band delivered a fiery and animated set to a very responsive audience–the band members were tight, they engaged the audience and played a set that sounded unique yet reminiscent of 70’s rock and roll. They opened with their most recently released single, “Cocaine” and got the crowd crazy!

Cody Jasper, the lead singer had the audience in the palm of his hand and Will Travis on rhythm guitar had a beautiful mane of hair that he shook everywhere as he played! It seems to be a more recent trend to play 70’s rock and roll and very common with the bands coming out of Los Angeles right now. Many have compared this band to another Los Angeles band, Dirty Honey. It would be great to see the two bands tour together in the future.

Will Travis of Moon Fever

The band played a shortened set of only 30 minutes and then spent time at the merch table with fans, old and new and talked with everyone. A very humble group of guys and very down to earth. And very engaged with their own success. Rock at Night wants to hear more! At noon today the band released another single: a song with an animated video called “Cheap Thrills.” And they are on to the next tour date in Orlando tonight. Wishing only the best for this band and hope to see them when they tour through again!








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