Daniel De Vita Evokes Powerful Emotions With the Release of His Blues Rock Album ‘Lost in Translation’

Daniel De Vita

By Anita Stewart, Managing Editor

Album Review: “Lost in Translation

Release Date: July 30, 2021

Lost in Translation” is the fourth album from Argentinian guitarist and singer-songwriter, Daniel De Vita. Daniel has put together mostly original songs and gathered top notch musicians to record with him. Mostly influenced by the Roots and Blues styles of the US and the UK with some Soul, Rhythm & Blues and Rock and Roll thrown in, Daniel has created a masterful recording.

Daniel has been in the music scene for a number of years and is well known in the Blues community. He released his first album in 2015 and toured in 2019 throughout Europe. This latest album was performed and recorded live in the studio in only one day–pretty daring! Only vocal overdubs were done. De Vita is also a sound engineer and this experience is pronounced in the varied types of music that he plays, how he can make it sound like it is from different places, evoking diverse imagery and time frames–and yet holding on to a common theme.

Opening track ‘Every time I’m Close to You’ –  is an original and is built on the rhythms of the drummer and De Vita’s guitar work. Almost a disco song in regards to the bass line.

The album continues with the swampy groove of ‘My Sweetest Regret’. De Vita’s vocals are full of the blues and a swampy styled blues guitar sounds on this track.

The 70’s rock ballad “Sand Between Your Fingers” shows off the Moog synthesizer and the guitar work.

Perhaps in the past I would have chosen to try to imitate musicians like BB King, Albert King or Jimmie Vaughan, but with this album I wanted to mix it up a bit,” adds De Vita.“It was an important challenge to write my own songs, the lyrics of each song were the most difficult thing,” he admits. “Due to the fact I am not a native English speaker, my brain has to adapt to think and work differently.”

Lost in Translation

Two covers were included on the recording: “Black Chicken 37” by the Bueno Vista Social Club. The vibes are mixed–a blend of Meter-style, Latin American and Cajun rhythms and styling. The second cover closes the album. It is the Vaughan Brothers instrumental, ‘D/FW.’ A rocking song with guitar solos that are backed with Raffeta’s keyboards.

She Claps on the 1 & 3” is a tongue in cheek shuffle, a traditional music track with highlights on the piano by Raffeta and harp blowing from Nicolás Smoljan.

6 Years Blues” will certainly appeal to the more traditional blues listener and pays homage to Freddy King and years gone by.

California Rocket Fuel” has a second line beat and the lyrics refer to an infamous drug mixture. De Vita wanted to call attention to illegal drugs, mental health and more with this song.

Rock at Night says: “A beautiful album with a wide mix of music styles and genres, De Vita writes his songs to cover themes about many aspects of the human experience–such as love, heartbreak, human bonding and mental illness. He highlights his lyrics with imaginative musical arrangements. Deep and soul searching, this songwriter evokes some powerful emotions.”

Daniel De Vita — Vocals/Guitar
Gabriel Cabiaglia — Drums
Mariano D’Andrea — Bass
Nicolás Raffetta — Keys
Nicolás Smoljan — Harmonica





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