Premiere! UK band The Speed of Sound’s new song ‘Replicant’

The Speed Of Sound L-R John Armstrong, Kevin Roache, Ann-Marie Crowley, John Broadhurst (photo credit Shay Rowan)

By Chyrisse Tabone, Rock At Night Tampa

Single/Video of The Speed of Sound’s “Replicant” – Worldwide release date-June 4, 2021 via Big Stir Records

Manchester underground band The Speed of Sound is in their fourth decade–and shows no sign of stopping any time soon. In fact, this band has been especially prolific the last year. The band will release two singles called “Replicant” and “The Melancholy Rose” worldwide on June 4th. Today, Rock At Night is premiering “Replicant”.

Rock At Night says:  The idea of  rogue “replicants” was the main theme of the 1982 sci-fi classic film Blade Runner.  A replicant can only be detected by means of the fictional Voight-Kampff test, in which emotional responses are provoked and a replicant’s nonverbal responses differ from those of a human.

The first frame of the video asks, “Are you a Replicant?” with a graphic of Lord Kitchener pointing at the screen and transitions to Harrison Ford and later the android from Metropolis. The song is acoustic driven, bouncy, and as always, Ann-Marie’ Crowley’s voice shines with upbeat enthusiasm, against the biting sarcasm and sociological references The Speed of Sound is known for.  Against a kaleidoscopic backdrop of colors, the lead guitar solo soars.  The lyrics, “They walk among us, can you see it now, replicant?”  Graphics saying “I-Spy” are interspersed as the lyrics ask, “They are hard to spot, they hide themselves, the troubles have begun.”

The song’s lyrics may be interpreted on so many levels.  It makes me think of the 80s cult film “They Live”, with the subliminal messages and the alien creature which are only seen with the rose-colored glasses come off. Considering the odd year of 2020, it’s no wonder The Speed of Sound is again contemplating “replicants”.

Recorded mixed and mastered at Vibratone Sound Studio Manchester.

The Speed of Sound – Replicant

The Speed of Sound: John Armstrong – Songwriting/Guitars/Vocals, Ann-Marie Crowley – Vocals/Guitars

Kevin Roache – Bass guitar, John Broadhurst – Drums


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Instagram: @thespeedofsounduk   Sleeve art by LocalHotelParking


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