Review: rock band MammaBear’s single ‘Do It Again’


By Anthony Mclaude, Rock At Night Philadelphia

Review: Do It Again was released March 19th, 2021. Independent release.

It’s sunny and 75, it feels damn good to be alive. Kyle Gordon AKA MammaBear was preparing his psychedelic tour until the swirling Spring madness of last March’s unexpected pandemic crisis hit. Atlanta Georgia’s soft yet destructive rock n’roll honey MammaBear’s  life onstage was gutted midstream. However, being that Mamma is too grizzly to bear, he didn’t allow an unrelenting infectious steer of a worldwide outbreak hinder his writing and recording progress as a musician rolling into 2021 with six hot new tracks, including his now newly released tune, “Do It Again.”

In one afternoon swoop, MammaBear had come home to his honey from a canceled tour and wrote firstly, “Wish I” and “Need Your Love” on a Tascam DP-008EX digital recorder. The rest of the tracks that accompany the first two were various selection of songs such as “Life Can Wait”, “Yum Yum Yum”, “Haley, Bacon”.  The persevering essence of “Do It Again” felt like the appropriate moment to exist in order to prioritize and share them with the world.

When creating Do It Again, the thought process going through the mind of MammaBear was to come up with a socially motivated story that is only fitting to get people to think and communicate into action that anything can be overcome with just a little jarring push amongst us humans to explore an open conversation on the extreme divide our society is currently undergoing and what elements might have caused this division.  Political and racial sides are being chosen, but when it comes to MammaBear penning this particular song, he chooses no sides. He continues to ask himself the bearing questions many a time when asked the topic of “Do It Again”, and how the social anxieties and racial tensions we experience daily are plaguing any sign of hope and leaving a mark on history.

“Who is your friend and who’s the mole?” MammaBear asks. Do the corporations that champion human rights actually care about people or is that just an easy way to assuage the conscience of morally bankrupt people? Does any wing of our government actually care about justice and universal equality or are they just selling us water by the river? Have we been divided by a monstrous machine whose only goal is more wealth at the expense of social relations and the health of our planet?  I’m asking for a friend.”

As you give MammaBear a spin on your favorite low paying internet music provider, you’ll come to the rock ‘n’ roll realization of how great it is time and time again.








Anthony Mclaude