Radio Ritual Plays a Set at the Gibson Los Angeles Showroom in Hollywood

Radio Ritual

Anita Stewart, Managing Editor

Performance at the Gibson Los Angeles Showroom in Hollywood, California

April 20, 2021

Radio Ritual

Radio Ritual is getting a lot of attention. Just last week on April 16th, the band performed an electrifying set that was recorded at the Gibson Los Angeles Showroom located in Hollywood, California. Since this venue opened back up recently after the last year’s lockdowns, it is rapidly becoming the hot spot that bands want to play in; getting a much coveted gig there is a huge deal per the word on the street! The band played their latest single “Dancing Dead” as well as “Love Bomb” “Candy At The Core” and finally “Robots Wear Underwear.

Rock at Night covered this band last November when “Dancing Dead” was first released. Radio Ritual’s band members are: JC Sanchez doing vocals, Burton Car playing guitar and vocals,  Mac Perez III on guitar and vocals, Eduardo Baldo playing drums and Tinu Cer on the bass. These guys are from Argentina, Mexico, Spain and Brazil respectively got together here in the US. Check out the band’s socials linked below for more info on events and new releases.

Audio of this performance here–and find more on the band’s YouTube:





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