Radio Ritual Releases the Single ‘Dancing Dead’ from their Self Titled EP

Radio Ritual

By Anita Stewart, Managing Editor

On November 2nd, LA’s Radio Ritual dropped their single, “Dancing Dead.” They had entered the studio at the beginning of the Covid 19 lockdowns in March of this year to record their first studio offering: a four song, multi-genre, self–titled EP with Franco Gravante producing and Adair Aufdemback engineering.

The other three songs on the recording are “Love Bomb,” “Candy” and “Robots Wear Underwear.” The latter song and a homemade video were released in May of this year and gained over 5,000 views on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube during the first week! You will hear elements of grunge, punk, hard rock, classic rock and heavy metal with these tracks.

Radio Ritual

These guys don’t always rock so hard! Be sure to check out some of their videos on their Facebook page for some beautiful acoustic performances also! Some of their influences include: Queens of the Stone Age, Soundgarden, Audioslave, Alice In Chain, Guns n Roses, Slash, Velvet Revolver, Pantera, ZZ Top, Mastodon, Code Orange and Bad Brains.

Radio Ritual is: JC Sanchez doing vocals, Burton Car playing guitar and vocals,  Mac Perez III on guitar and vocals, Eduardo Baldo playing drums and Tinu Cer on the bass. These guys are from Argentina, Mexico, Spain and Brazil and somehow found each other and started to play music together. They also feel that it is important to give back to their community.

The band says, “We have partnered with @pieceofpiemusic, record label founded by Tom Carolan (Sony, Epic Records , Atlantic Records) and Xander Schloss (Joe Strummer , Circle Jerks) with whom we will be releasing “Dancing Dead” and donating 80% of our profits from merch , streams and donations to “MusiCares.” Rock at Night will be giving you information about future releases and/or upcoming tours to support this recording.





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