Single Review: UK indie band Solar Stride’s ‘The Other End’

Solar Strides

By Kevin Bergin, Rock At Night Melbourne, AU

Review: Solar Stride’s single “The Other End”-Release date February 12, 2021

A song about that thing we all need, a close friend.  A song about that line we all need to hear at times in our life., “…You know that you’re not alone, When I’m on the other end of the telephone…”. A song written and released during the pandemic and very welcome but applies at all times as we live through a time of continuing crises and in Nature and struggle for the solutions.

Haunting and stirring  vocals along with intense drum rhythm’s and uplifting guitar riffs.

Equally inspiring to listen to and a song that gets you singing and moving as indeed this was how the track came to be, “…The first thing you hear in the song is the tune I hummed randomly whilst cooking one day. From there it was a case of finding lyrics…”

I find the lyrics inspiring and indeed do move while I’m listening to it.  Its also a song about our reality now and I love that it talks to us about caring for everyone, not just the face in the mirror or family and friends but indeed speaks to all of us to reach out and take care of each other and to those struggling to pick up the phone.  It’s a song that unites, speaks of hope, cares and still manages to have a lot of fun doing so.

Solar Strides is a multinational rock band who formed on the outskirts of London during the summer months of 2019. Founded by front man Jack and guitarist Luie, the lifelong friends teamed up with bassist Hugo and drummer Kieran after posting an advert online. The chemistry of this quartet was demonstrated as they headlined stages across London, including Werkhaus, Amersham Arms and Underbelly Hoxton amongst other venues.

Now with a string of stellar indie anthems in their back pockets, Solar Strides are proving themselves to be one of the most promising new acts on the scene. Can’t wait to hear more from them.

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Kevin Bergin