Danica Dye Embraces the Joy of Self-Respect with ‘Work on Me’

Danica Dye

By Anthony Mclaude, Rock At Night Philly

Review: Danica Dye’s single “Work on Me”

Danica Dye

“You should work on yourself before falling in love with somebody else.” Three months since releasing the sacrificial debut single of relationship dysfunction in “Falling Apart For You”, Danica Dye has shown us a playfully fierce look of a young woman in complete control of herself, her career, and her well being in this second newly released bubblegum pop track, “Work On Me; an uplifting anthem as pleased to get you up off your feet and cause a scenic dance away of one’s troubles. She is not here to mess around and is working on herself, for herself and by herself. She’s a sweeping romantic with a deep-rooted musical confidence, yet at infrequent or irregular intervals, the only way to heal a broken heart is by allowing herself to fall apart in order to pick up the pieces and work on herself again.

“Work On Me” is a record demonstration most fitting to be presented on a month renown for celebrating women internationally as the do-it-yourself pop star, Dye stuns once again an impressive songwriting range to incorporate lyrics like the sardonic singing sneer in her spoken-word voice, “And if you think I’m gonna slip, well, baby you can go to hell.” Gone, momentarily, are the days of crying herself to sleep and doubting her self-worth; instead with her girl-next-door persona, writes another breakup chronicle that cuts her exes inflated amour propre down to size. She continues to thrive off the hate of her ill-wishing Debbie Downers and reassures her Dye hard fan base with incredibly stunning vocals and a fun filled dancing chorus that past flames are so an afterthought with the help of her music producer friend, Vaerial, who embraces the joy of producing the winning permutation, Working On Me. This biting lyrical statement, “You brought me up and talked me down, but it still seems like I’m still flying high,” is essential in the heap of leaving everything out on the dance floor. Move over a bandaged heart! It’s Danica’s time to shine and she’ll survive.







Anthony Mclaude