Review: California duo Casual Vice’s EP ‘Joie de Vivre’

Casual Vice Band

By Anthony Mclaude, Rock At Night Philadelphia

Review: Casual Vice’s EP Joie de ViVre-Release date February 12, 2021

Casual Vice-Joie de Vivre

And for a moment of inexplicable joy and coastal sunshine, I believe brighter days in music are coming alive again. Cruising through the wealthy, sun-drenched village escapade of a Spanish style neighborhood in Orange County, California, are two enigmatic indie-rock darlings known as Casual Vice.

The click-clack of an old virtual typewriter resonates as certain alphabetical keys print the credited names of Kyle Krone and Brandon Hoogenboom, both of whom are no slouch when it comes to their respective resumes in the music industry. Krone founded as a frontman the beloved rock band the Shys, which was signed to legendary record man Seymour Stein’s Sire label that recruited one of its biggest acts, Madonna. Meanwhile, Hoogenboom, an American coming around again from Sydney, Australia fronted the independent pop band Set Sail.

Casual Vice

The prolific duo prepares to set an example during a widespread panic of pandemics, racial turmoil, and financial hardships with their second EP, “Joie De Vivre.” The classic phrase joie de vivre “expresses a sentiment and vibe,” says Krone. However, amidst all the controversy and uncertainty going on globally, they have come together as the ultimate party hosts to bring light in creating a new musical venture to explore the juxtaposed dualities of life and love.

Released in anticipation of their third 2021 EP, Joie De Vivre, “Antihero” is a musical nostalgic story you might hear in a vintage, black and white coming of age film as the protagonists share a scroll through historical figures whose weaknesses were glorified alongside their strengths such as Johnny Cash, Marvin Gaye, Nina Simone, Basquiat, Muhammad Ali, and John F. Kennedy in Polaroid fashion. Now in conjunction to this melodious pop/rock record with a catchy chorus, listening ears and helping hands to this familiar jam of yesteryear will have fans putting their fingers on the pulse of what brings to mind an ‘80s new wave banger. And like the lyrics Casual Vice collaborates on, “I always romanticize the antihero,” remember to give those who came and left a legacy before you their flowers while they can still smile and appreciate the smell.





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