Jason Sweeney’s single ‘She’s a Fighter’: stirring and inspirational

Jason Sweeney

By Kevin Bergin, Rock At Night Melbourne, AU

Review of Single: “She’s a Fighter” by Jason Sweeney-Release date February 6, 2021 

Jason Sweeny is going to be very busy in 2021 and “She’s a Fighter” will be released as part of an EP in May 2021. Check out out the song below!

Rock At Night says: Amazing Lyrics.  The story in “Shes a Fighter” is of a woman with  incredible strength as events in life keep knocking her over she gets back up again and again.  Jason also has great insights as he writes “…keeps a diary of her dreams but never acts for far too much fear…’.  It takes some courage to change attitudes, perceptions and direction, especially at the bottom of the pit.

I love the opening line to the song, a woman’s voice proclaiming “Wait till I tell you everything,” then explodes into the song with a great riff, guitar bass and drums, slowing down for Jason’s clear and smooth vocals with the band taking a step back.  The chorus sees the band back again with that head-bobbing, feet-moving riff.  

“She’s a Fighter” is a  great story –stirring and inspirational in word and sound.  It is so easy to relate to this either personally or in relation to someone we know. 


About Jason

Jason holds a 1st class honours degree in music, A masters degree in songwriting and multiple awards, including the esteemed Tartan Clef and most recently the court medal from the University of the West of Scotland.
Jason has written two albums for the band The King Lot, described as highly infectious, melodic hard rock with an edge. His work has received rave reviews from Planet Rock, Fireworks Magazine, PowerPlay and has seen him tour all round the Uk playing shows with Tyketto, The Answer, Inglorious, Big Country and Dan Reed and Jizzy Pearls Love/Hate.
This year, Jason makes a bold return to the scene with his most gripping and personal songs to date, ready to show the world a powerful array of inspiring sound & stories through the tales woven into the fabric of his new material with his signature 80’s rock vibe


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Kevin Bergin