Eddie Mooney & the Grave’s new singles are ‘a chance to feel alright’

By Kevin Bergin, Rock At Night Melbourne

Review: Eddie Mooney & the Grave-Singles “Lockdown Baby” and “Telephones”–Release date February 5, 2021 (Still Unbeatable Records)

Manchester punk band Eddie Mooney & the Grave just released two new singles  ‘Lockdown Baby’ and ‘Telephones’.  Both tracks have that energy and gritty driving sound.  It takes me back to the late ‘70’s standing in Ronnie Scott’s in Soho listening to all the punk bands.  They were sometimes so loud that the ceiling and floor seemed to be throbbing to the sounds.  Listening to the songs, I hear hints of the Ramones.

Here’s a quick rundown:

‘Telephones’  – Still Unbeatable Records –   ‘Telephones’ was released digitally at the start of this month.  Later this year, there will also be a vinyl release  ‘Telephones’ is not at all an ode to phones, but more of a comment on what a ‘nuisance’ phones are.  Simple, gets me moving and singing.

‘Lockdown Baby’ – Still Unbeatable Records – A love song for this particular time.  Lyrics are great, ‘…lockdown baby, it’s your chance to feel alright..’.  A song of all the things you can do in lockdown, social distancing and with masks on of course!

Still Unbeatable Records say they have many Eddie Mooney recordings from the mid 70’s onward and will be releasing them.  I loved these two tracks and the others I listened to as well. Look forward to hearing more!









Kevin Bergin